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Schlumpf Speed Drive Option
Item Cost: $851.00
Shipping Cost: $20.00

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Sidewinder offers the Schlumpf Drive in three versions. The Speed Drive has a ratio of 1:1 and 1:1.67 with a 38 tooth chain ring. When in the 1:1.67 the chain ring is turning at a rate = to a 63 tooth chain ring. A super Speed drive with 1:2.67 ration, has 28 tooth chain ring when in high speed is equivelent to 74 tooth chain ring. The Mountain drive has 3 chain rings (38/44/52 teeth). It has a 1:1 ratio and a 2.67:1 ratio. This gives a very low gear range, approximately 8 gear inches. The Schlumpf Speed Drive comes complete with Trouser guard, and easy-shift kickplate.